Gothickangel is a studio that makes artwork balancing light and darkness within our world and beyond it. Light does not always mean divine, dark not always evil. 
Here it is expressed through mixed medium and digital media. I have created website / blog themes, graphics, logos and illustrations. Using polymer clay I create dolls, charms, cosplay and more. I also post videos on 'hows it made' and short animations. My Darknight manga comic is posted here only.

*** Site Under Construction As I Update New Content ***

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Updated Monthly! You have seen my OC\'s Lily Knight and others in my concept art, illustrations and on merch. My manga \'DARKNIGHT\'is now online. It\'s rated MVR 18+ for violence and blood. Mature audiences only. This manga is about Lily Knight, she is an arc demon and dark phoenix. She is an ancient creature, with many life times knowing many creatures and humans alike. She used to torment and hunt the human race, but in the last few yeas has begun to explore more of what humanity is. These are some of her stories, of the struggles she has with her inner darkness and balancing it with her inner light.
My social media stats are starting to pick up. My OCs Lily Knight, Seryhon, Sam and a few others make up most the hits. My polymer clay dolls 360 degree view videos are also HOT. In the lead is Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. I also use other platforms. The hits range from 2k to 4k a month. It picked up alot more traffic once the first page of my manga comic came online. I will try to do one page per month if my TBI co-operates with me. I would like to thank all my friends and fans for the continuous support. ^.^
Come joing me on IMVU. My name is GothicakangelCa. Its FREE to join. There is also a Daily Free Spin for ingame coins. IMVU has been around since 2005 I think. I have had an account with it since 2007. I am also a content creator on it. So I texture meshes for 3D models. I make custom stuff ranging from clothing, accessories, rooms, furniture, and stickers. I do take requests too. Just make an account and add me as a friend. ** I am there to make friends. Not for Mature or Cybersex scenarios. I do have an AP account for creating AP content. Any inappropriate actions will be reported. And they do take it seriously. **
My online merch shops are still being updated as soon a new illustration or graphic is finished. Art of Where is located in Canada, Redbubble is from the US, both ship Internationly. I have bought a few things from Redbubble already. I had pillows made of my OCs. It included the pillow and pillow case. I was pleased with the quality. They come in a few sizes and shapes. But in my shop I also sell my illustrations and graphics on office, home, skins, cases, clothing and more. Ads for examples of products are on this page. Some images are under Mature for thier sites TOS. Just click on the thumbnail to view it.
I am adding new content slowly. Making sure I try to find the best widgets and plugins to make the site flow better and easier to use. My manga comic DARKNIGHT was recently added. I also want to add images to the polymer clay for sale page so people can view items in 360 views for dolls and still images for others. Some polymer clay projects are on hold due to Corvid 19. Hard to find art supplies. The rest I am trying to catch up on. So that once Canada opens again I can start placing them at local shops and online. I already have a local shop asking to take dolls and other pieces. Also updating the online Merch Shops \'Art of Where\' and \'Redbubble\' as soon as new artwork is finished.


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