My studio created the Darknight Manga comic and Kreature Kollection. I have done digital media such as graphic design, website themes, animations and more. Now I've added polymer clay and custom dolls. The styles ranges from semi realistic to anime and graphic design. My artwork balances both light and dark. 'Darkness doesn't always mean evil and light not always divine.' 
I started my studio almost 20 years ago in 2002.

darknight manga

current projects

Lion version seraphim

'His light will rescue you from darkness' He reaches out his hand..

darknight manga volume 2

Volume 1 finished. Volume 2 starts in 2022. Supporters get early access.

Darknight Anime Intro

Darknight Animated Intro. From the Darknight Manga online comic.

Nendoroid Custom Kit

Lily Knight Doll. Will be completed using clay, fabric, paint and more.



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20th Anniversary

Flashback: October 2002
Many theme updates, content changes and artwork skill improvements. The name has changed a few times from multimedia to designz and now studios. From hosting at darksites.com to .net and now .ca