My name is Melissa B.K. I'm an artist, blogger, indigenous and goth. Married to a Dragon Lord and have 2 fur children. Lavender aka Boo! as in ghost and Grym my service/medical alert hellhound. Together they are the Boo! Squad.
I have been into arts and crafts since I was in child, and writing short stories since I was a teenager. I pursued that all my life. It all started with a pencil, paper and a typewriter. I updated my skills in digital and hands on whenever I could.

I received a traumatic brain and spinal cord injury years back. (Caused by other people) So I am unable to work a normal job. I suffer from seizures, vertigo and chronic pain. I am sensitive to motion so alot of reading, writing and drawing can trigger symptoms. However I keep busy with projects here and there at my own pace. It's part of my brain and eye recovery plan.


I started my studio back in October 2002. This year marks 20 years.

Flashback blog entry

I am a professional digital artist, but also use polymer clay, marker and pencil crayon. And now custom dolls. I have worked for some large and small business', done charity work and volunteered in the past. I have knowledge in digital media including animation, audio video editing, graphic and web design. I started my art journey back in elementary school. I took extra courses in digital media and design as well as in mixed medium. Art was my major in high school and college. I frequently upgrade my skills in both areas when I can and are able to.

 My prints are based on my own original anime characters, dreams and imagination. I am a vivid dreamer. I like to work within the genres of native, new age, spiritual, horror, fantasy and the supernatural.

my brands & logos

* since 2002 my studio has used two different domain extensions. gothickangel.net & gothickangel.ca 
My work has all gone under white wolf designz in the past *