About Me

My name is Melissa B.K. I'm an artist, blogger and goth. I am a professional digital artist, but also use polymer clay, marker and pencil crayon. 

My artwork contrasts light and shadow. The world is a balance of both. Darkness doesn't always mean evil and light not always divine.   
My prints are based on my own original anime characters, dreams and inspirations. The clay dolls are created by hand as with my other pieces. Then sold 'empty' meaning without energy or a soul within, so that the one who acquires it may 'make their own'. 

Mixed Medium: Prismacolor Pencil Crayons, Prismacolor Markers and Staedtler Graphite Pencils. Polymer clay and Acrylic paint. 
Digital: Photoshop, Clip Studio (previously called Manga Studio) and Wacom Drawing Tablet.


In Elementary School, started understanding computers back in the pre Windows days of DOS. Drew in art books using pencils and Laurentien pencil crayons. A new course for desktop publishing was offered in grade 6 took that. 
In High School the new technology wing opened up. Took digital media, animation, website coding, graphic design and advertising. 
Went off to College got a diploma in graphic design and illustration. Then a certificate in interactive multimedia and Adobe InDesign. 
Helped my mom paint her ceramics on and off through the years, as well as used air dry clay and red clay hand dug from the ground.

Since then self taught to keep up in technology and techniques in my artwork. 
I have worked for some large known companies, start ups and volunteered.

Due to my TBI I work on art projects at my own pace. Crafts and digital art help in brain recovery.