M frozenwolf b. k


I am an artist, blogger, part indigenous and goth. Married with 2 fur-kids. Lavender aka Boo! as in ghost and Grym my service/medical alert hound. Together they are the Boo! Squad.

I have been into arts and crafts since I was in child, and writing short stories since I was a teenager. It all started with pencils, paper and a typewriter. As I grew up, I tried different forms of art mediums. In college, updated my skills to digital media. As well as continuing with traditional ways. My favourite being pencil crayons and marker mixed medium.

I received a traumatic brain and spinal cord injury years back (MVA by others). I have seizures, vertigo and chronic pain so I pace myself. And use assistive technology.

However I keep busy with many projects. Including working on an anime animation short and interested in VRoid, a 3D Avatar Maker. 

I finish all my commissions on time. It’s part of my brain and eye recovery plan.

The studio

background & brands

I started my studio online over 20 years ago. Besides digital art, I also use polymer clay, marker and pencil crayon. My past client list have included: some large and small business’. Charity work and volunteering. I have knowledge in digital media including animation, audio video editing, graphic and web design.

I started my art journey back in elementary school. I took extra courses in digital media and design as well as in mixed medium. And continued with it throughout high school and college. I frequently upgrade my skills in both areas when I can.

My personal art is based on my own original anime characters, dreams and imagination. I am a vivid dreamer. With the theme of light is not always divine and darkness, evil.

Since 2002 my studio has used 3 different domains. [ gothickangel.darksites.com, gothickangel.net and gothickangel.ca ] My work has also gone under White Wolf Designz. I own Gothickangel Studios, Darknight Manga, Kreature Kollection and Boo Squad. Khaotic Knightmare is a sister site for A+.