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London, Ontario, Canada

For alternative communication I have Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom and Facebook. 
Please contact me for my cellphone number to call in Canada. For calls to the US, to any Cell or Lan number I have Skype. 
* Skype caller ID would show up as my cell number. *

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To become an affiliate please have your own advertising, graphic, animated or static hosted on your own provider. Currently I am accepting 200px by 200px square shapes. In return please add one of mine. I have many sizes and shapes. Custom dimensions can be made. I do not pay for clicks to my site. This affiliate partnership works via networking for exposure on other sites.

Preferably something related to the content on my own site. Also no porn, smoking, drugs and anything related to children nor MLMs.

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* since 2002 my studio has used 2 different domain extensions. and *


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