Lily Knight is a dark phoenix, but comparable to that of an arc demon. Misunderstood, she is an ancient being and used to create chaos in her favor. But in the last few years has begun to explore more of what humanity is. She struggles with her inner darkness and her inner light. Now she allies herself with different Beings like angels, werewolves and others to become a dark protector. Taking on those whom would wish to do her new home harm.

Story and Artwork: Gothickangel Studios – Mel FrozenWolf B.K.

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She is an ancient ‘Being’. Earliest memories are from the time of light and shadow. Has traveled the world and seen many things, interacted with cultures and races. During that time would live among them, hidden in the shadows. Her current name was given to her by a human.

Personality: Very dominant, aggressive and sadistic. Her mellow moods are loving and protective. Neutral Chaotic.

Appearance: Human form has tanned skin with orange eyes and hair. Semi demon just add the draconic looking wings. Her arcdemon armored covers her whole body. Skin tone under that is black with black eyes. She can become a large dragon with the feel of a dark phoenix to it.

He embraces both sides light and darkness,
however when it counts he sides with divine. He is one of the 7 Archangels. He is on earth alot to do dirty jobs and watch over humans. He is a speacialist.

Personality: His dark and human form are mischevious and curious as well as perverted at times. His light side is more serious, quiet and focused.

Appearance: He has a human form to use amongst the mortal world. He has brownish skin with reddish white eyes. and dark black hair. His angel form is clad in armor and he wields his chain sythe. His skin, eyes and hair remain the same.

She is a mystic and healer. A non religious person that connects more with the earth and the skies. Some of her background and past is shrouded in mystery. She has much knowledge on the light and the dark

Personality: She is kind, gentle and open minded. However she can be stern and resort to more drastic measures if need be. She is a neutral party.

Appearance: Human form looks like a mystic, wearing a hooded cloak while holding a staff. Underneath it, she has brown hair and eyes and decorative clothing. She can also take a bird of prey form. The combat form is more a mix of the human and bird of prey. She has large angelic like wings, brown and yellow in colour. Her staff can change into a few weapons.

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WIP – Darknight Manga Volume 2

Volume 2 for Darknight Manga starts off with the Dark Shadows Arc. This also alters how its read now. I will be making it more M for Mature. However the uncensored content will only be available exclusively on the Darknight...

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WIP – Darknight HA+ Mature Short

Darknight Manga will have a hentai side. The shorts will included Archangel Samael and Lily Knight. It will not be hosted on my studio site. Instead be hosted offsite on NEWGROUNDS. DISCLAIMER:I don’t keep adult content on my studio site.Those...

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