Due to my TBI, I only do commissions when I can. It's mostly by request. If SLOTS open up, its due to what I have available for art projects at that time. Feel free to contact me if you have a specific request however.

Email me at gothickangelca@gmail.com for quotes based on your specific project. 
Payment is due upon completion and a receipt with a screen shot of the digital payment transfer will be attached to it. Without that it is not considered "SOLD".
All images and logos are registered, protected and copyrighted with serial numbers.

illustrations / Graphics / Logos

Illustrations, graphics and logos are available to be bought out or under limited licence contract. Limited license is for limited use based on contract terms. If bought out they cannot be altered or changed. Must remain as the original. Cannot be resold.

Polymer Clay

Clay creations are made by hand sculpting, then painted. Depending on the structure and style, they will either have a tinfoil / crafting wire base or 100% solid interior.
Resin copies are made into silicon molds then painted. They will be similar to the original clay model.
My prices are based on how much time is spent, molding and painting the clay models.
The resin is based on the supplies needed to make the silicon mode and the cleaning it up part then painting it.
Each piece is shipped with either foam, foam sheets or bubble wrap.
Due to them being 'hand made' please check them out in person before hand. Or view them on the online gallery attached to each clay piece here on the site. If you would like a clay model similar to one I already have. Be aware that because it's hand made it will not be an 100% match. .

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Please read the disclaimer first. The information for digital media and polymer clay as well, before filling out the online form.

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