Dolls and Figurines

Archangel Micheal

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Coming soon
Voodoo doll

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Cat with bat wings

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Totem Spirits

Wolf spirit

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eagle spirit

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crow spirit

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bear spirit

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dragon spirit

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phoenix spirit

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zombie charms
$ 8.00 Each  # 1 # 2 # 3 # 4
Elemental Pixies in Jars
$ 25.00
vampire charms
$ 3.00 Each # 1 # 2
# 3


small cosplay horns
$ 8.00 Each brown blue red fuchsia black
Medium cosplay horns
$ 10.00 Each Yellow pink orange green


writing tools topper

The toppers can be placed onto any writing tool that has a similar size.

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$ 5.00 Each  green frog pink pig
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Support the studio

payment and shipping

Payment: PayPal, E-transfer or Cash

Orders: For now please email me what piece you would like at or contact me via one of my social media accounts.
Checkout under construction. 
Please read the disclaimer below first.

Shipping: Due to the pandemic, shipping is slower and chaotic at times.
Currently doing local free delivery or curb side pickup.

social media


Requests open


Clay creations are made by hand sculpting, then painted. Depending on the structure and style, they will either have a tinfoil / crafting wire base or 100% solid interior.
Resin copies are made into silicon molds then painted. They will be similar to the original clay model.

My prices are based on how much time is spent, molding and painting the clay models.
The resin is based on the supplies needed to make the silicon mode and the cleaning it up part then painting it.

Due to them being 'hand made' please check them out in person before hand. Or view them on the online gallery attached to each clay piece here on the site.


Kreature Kollection
was created for my polymer clay pieces. Its part of the Gothickangel Studios family.